Highland Blend

Highland Blend is a custom blend of Chinese and Indian teas offered at devotea.com.

The dry tea has the look of a typical English Breakfast blend, but the similarity fades once the tea is brewed.  The aroma is earthy, like a good puerh, but not overwhelming.  The liquid tea is a deep golden brown.  The first taste is distinctly Keemun, and a really good keemun at that.  The flavor is full, very smooth and tannic, like well aged Highland single malt Scotch. The finish is very much Ceylon or South India, bright and astringent, but not so much as to cause a severe case of dry mouth! There is nothing fruity or floral about this tea.  This is pure Camellia Sinensis showing off.  A strongly flavorful tea,  ideal for a morning wake up call, but also a fine finish to a great steak dinner.

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