Chatsford Teapots

The Chatsford teapot system was originally designed and patented by The London Teapot Company. Their unique method of incorporating a large nylon mesh infuser within the Chatsford teapot continues to make the Chatsford one of the best teapots for preparing loose leaf teas. The fine mesh works equally well with whole leaf or finely cut (CTC) teas. Originally produced in England, the London Teapot Company currently manufactures their product in Thailand.  Chatsford teapots are in available in five colors and four sizes, 2, 4, 6, and 10 cup sizes. The 10 cup size only comes in white, brown, or cream.

If you are looking for a workhorse teapot that can be used every day with every kind of tea, A Chatsford teapot will not disappoint.  The infusers are large enough to handle even the largest whole leaf tea and the mesh is fine enough to contain broken or cut teas.  They are also easy to empty and rinse out, as long as the tea is still wet.  (tip:  If you forgot to empty it yesterday, soak it in a glass of water for a while, then empty it.)

Our only regret is that Chatsford teapots aren’t available in more and brighter colors.  We still miss Pristine Pottery with their 23 beautiful colors!

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