Easy tea or coffee for one!

This year at the International Housewares Show I found a new way to brew tea or coffee for one.  While the idea has been around for a while, no one has done it quite as well as this company.

The idea is to brew your coffee or tea in a small container.  When its ready, set the container on top of your mug.  The liquid automatically fills the mug, leaving the spent grounds/tea leaves in the container, ready to rinse out and use again.  It’s a great concept for quickly filling your travel mug in the morning, or making one last shot before bedtime!Zevro tea maker

The unit is available with either a tea filter or a coffee filter (Yes they are different).  I’ve been asked why not provide both filters with one unit. If you don’t know, just ask any tea lover who has ever had tea that’s been kept warm in a coffee carafe.  When they’re done gagging, they may answer the question.

They are available at devotea.com for under $20.  Click on the photo to get there.

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