I Miss Pristine Pottery

Update 2/20/19
I checked recently on the current stock of Pristine lids at devotea.com. It’s getting very bleak. There is nothing available for the smaller sizes (under 1.5 liter), and only a few choices (mostly uncommon colors) for the larger sizes (1.5 and 2 liter). If it’s time to give up on your workhorse teapot, I strongly recommend the Chatsford teapot line. They don’t have the range of colors that Pristine had, but they are excellent everyday teapots. Chatsford teapots at devotea.com

For a more modern look with plenty of color choices, check out the selections by For Life Designs at devotea.com


I have a small collection of teapots. (all functional,  nothing funky.)  The workhorse in my stable is an old, 6 cup, English Pristine Pottery teapot in a matte navy blue.  Pristine was a unique English pottery.  They made almost exclusively teaware: teapots, creamer and sugar sets, milk jugs, tea tidies, and teacups.  What made them unique was the near perfect classic shape, the range of sizes (five sizes from 12 to 60 ounces), and more than 20 incredible colors.

So what happened?  China got ’em.  The English started buying cheap Chinese teapots and at the same time regulated the English potteries into the poorhouse.  With rising costs and falling sales, consolidations started.  Arthur Wood, one of the larger potteries, bought several smaller potteries including Pristine.  However, they were not to be saved either.  Within a year Arthur Wood filed bankruptcy and everything closed.

A few weeks ago, I had a call from a woman who was heart broken because she had dropped the lid of her “baby” as she called it, a six cup, matte navy blue Pristine teapot.  I could understand her pain!

Fortunately, I was able to help her, at least partially.  After years of selling Pristine teapots, we have accumulated a stock of lids in various sizes and colors, not navy blue, unfortunately.  Her “baby” is now two tone, but lives on.

If you have a “baby” that needs a replacement lid, contact devotea.com

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8 Responses to I Miss Pristine Pottery

  1. Sherma Nardone says:

    I have what I thought was an English Brown Betty teapot… but actually it has pristine England on the bottom of it and looks ceramic. It’s very shiny chocolate brown in color. Is it still considered a Brown Betty? It was given to me as a gift years ago. What do I have?

    • Teaman says:

      “Brown Betty” refers to the basic shape of the English teapot. Pristine is one of many manufacturers who produced teapots following the Brown Betty style. They were one of the better producers, so take care of it!

  2. Cheryl Basso says:

    I stumbled upon your lovely site while looking for replacement for my 3 cup pristine tea pot. I purchased it many years ago, and was sad to discover that the company has gone out of business. But I continued my search and discovered that there are several people here in the US who are selling pristine teapots, of several different sizes, on ebay. I was able to eventually find the size I was looking for. I just thought your readers might be interested in checking out the postings in the us ebay site. I really do love my old tea pot; it is shaped perfectly and there is never a drip from the spout.
    They are still out there; Americans don’t understand how important a good tea pot is and what people who are serious tea drinkers will do to find one.

  3. Teaman says:

    Cream and sugar sets were not common, even when Pristine was still in business. I have no advice on where to look.

  4. Dolors Peña says:

    I was looking for a web site to buy a Pristine teapot , minimum 6 cups. I didn’ t find it. Do you know where should I go?. Thanks, Dolors.

    • Teaman says:

      Since Pristine has been gone for nearly 10 years (or is it more than 10 years?), you’re not going to find them any where new. Might be some on ebay, if anyone is dumb enough to sell one.

  5. Judy Code says:

    I could not find a place where you offered teapot lids as stated in your article. HELP!

    Need Gold Pristine 8 cup teapot lid replacement.

    Judy Code

    • Teaman says:

      You have to call devotea.com. Spare lids are not on the website. They do have some Pristine lids, but the selection is getting pretty limited. They also can replace Chatsford lids in most colors.

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