Oolong/Pouchong Teas

Pouchong and Oolong teas are traditionally produced in Taiwan, but production in China, India, and other regions is gaining popularity. These are some of the most interesting teas, and often some of the most expensive teas. These teas are partially fermented. Through careful, often secret, processing techniques only the outside edges of the leaves are allowed to ferment (oxidize) while the center of the leaf is kept “green”.

Pouchongs are very lightly fermented and sometimes scented by tossing the tea with flower petals. These teas tend to be made in small quantities, often by family owned tea gardens, and are not widely available. When they are, the quantities sold are generally very small.

Oolongs are allowed to ferment slightly longer. Many variations in the process produce a wide range of variations in taste, texture, and scent. Unique rolling methods produce additional variations, from standard twisted leaves to tightly curled Ti Kwan Yin.

The best way to explore Oolong teas is just dive in and start trying them.

Oolong teas are available here: Oolong & Pouchong Tea

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