The Tea Party

I’ll be the first to admit, being a small business owner tends to make one fiscally conservative.  After all, there is no shortage of people trying vigorously to help spend any money that isn’t already spent.  Suppliers, charities, the Feds, the states, the county, the city, (add your own list here).  Being a conservative and a tea drinker, what would be more logical than joining “The Tea Party”? But one has to ask, what does “The Tea Party”, presumably referring to the Boston Tea Party,  have to do with conservative thought?

Oh I know.  It was the original tax protest in the fledgling US of A.  Wrong!  It wasn’t a protest at all!  A proper protest is done in the light of day, so everyone can see who is protesting and to what they object.  Examples: a march on Washington, rallies at the state capitol, walking up and down the street with a big sign.

The Boston Tea Party was done at night, by men disguised as native Americans with the sole purpose being the destruction of private property, namely a shipment of tea.  That is criminal activity.  We have trespassing, vandalism, and defamation of Native Americans, for starters.  Is that really what these conservative politicians calling themselves “The Tea Party” want to be associated with?  This conservative wants nothing to do with that!

Is that Bill Buckley I hear rolling in his grave?  Try again folks!

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